Fifteen years ago, Bay Imaging Group, Inc. entered the Independent Diagnostic Testing Center market in Miami, Florida. During our 15 years, many changes occurred in our industry, and each time new challenges or obstacles arose, we successfully adapted our operations to the evolving environment.  We grew, downsized, change locations, upgraded personnel and computer systems, overcame competition, and added a compliance and financial officer. However, on February 29th 2016, we closed our doors and ceased our operations permanently.     

Like all stories having endings, there were many factors leading to Bay Imaging Group's closure. In short, the mix of having to relocate twice as a result of our landlords electing to change the use of their buildings; plus a significant reduction of insurance reimbursements through the years, and the arrival of Obamacare, increased our administrative and processing costs to a level where our thin profitability disappeared.  

We have received inquiries regarding patient charts and reports. Access to this information is protected and secure. Beginning April 1st 2016, patients requiring charts and reports must send a fax request to 305-891-1911.   There is a brief verification process that once complete, if records can be found they will be forwarded as authorized. Billing information is also available in this manner.

All patient records are controlled and protected by a third party contractor engaged by Bay Imaging Group, Inc. There is a charge in the amount of $25 for reports and $25 for a CD with images. The images will be mailed. The reports may be sent via facsimile or mailed. 

We are grateful for the thousands and thousands of patients we served during our 15 years, as well as, the more than 1,000's of physicians, health professionals, and institutions that relied on our dedication and availability in the North Miami marketplace. Saying farewell is not so easy - we miss the business we enjoyed and all of those who benefited from our services and our fantastic personnel. We wish everyone prosperity and long life. 

With Personal and Professional Regards,

Bay Imaging Group, Inc. 

Henry Koche